Mamie Coleman has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Creative Music and Production, Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX). In this role, she will continue to oversee all day-to-day music production at the network, negotiating and executing the music and talent licensing agreements for all of FOX’s primetime show marketing and promotions. Coleman will report to Scott Edwards, Senior Vice President, On-Air Promotions and Operations, FOX.

Most recently, Coleman was Vice President of Music & Production, On-Air Promotion, FOX. Working closely with TV studios, production companies, major record labels, recording artists and agents to secure talent and production materials for FOX’s award-winning on-air promotional campaigns, she has negotiated deals for EMPIRE, STAR, BEAT SHAZAM, SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO and GREASE: LIVE, among others.

Coleman attended California State University Northridge from 1989 to 1993. She first came to FOX as an intern in the spring of 1992, and then was hired as a junior on-air radio producer in the fall of 1992, booking talent and clearing music for all show-related radio promotions. In 1995, she worked as a writers’ assistant for HBO Independent’s comedy, “Martin,” which aired on FOX. She then returned to FOX in 1997, as a production manager, working in the On-Air Promotions department until the present.

A recipient of numerous industry awards, including the 2010 and 2011 Billboard Women in Music Awards, Coleman was a 2016 International Music Industry Award nominee for Music Supervisor of the Year.

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