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Season Premiere

March 5, 2024

Series Premiere

September 19, 2022

Show Description

The stakes in Season Three of The Cleaning Lady are higher and more intense than ever. This season, THONY (Élodie Yung) turns her efforts to bringing FIONA (Martha Millan) back to the US after she was deported to the Philippines, devising an extraction plan with ARMAN (Adan Canto) using NADIAs (Eva De Dominici) plane. When he mysteriously disappears, Thony and Nadia begrudgingly team together to look for him. Meanwhile, Fiona tries to manage the aftermath of her deportation to the Philippines while Thony explores drastic measures to get her back home as well as search for answers regarding Arman. While Thony is relieved that LUCAs (Sebastien & Valentino LaSalle) medical issues have improved, he and Thony face a new threat that may keep them apart, while CHRIS (Sean Lew) makes a careless decision to help his mother Fiona but may jeopardize their futures as well as that of JAZs (Faith Bryant). As Thonys journey continues to unfold, she is completely alone. Her world is turned upside down as she fights to protect her family, forcing her to take steps that deepen a new association with a dangerous Cartel.


This Season introduces RAMONA SANCHEZ (Kate Del Castillo) the elegant, beautiful, and regal matriarch who has the grace and quiet wisdom that belies a ruthless cunning below the surface. To the world, shes a benevolent philanthropist, art collector and loving aunt to a young child, but behind closed doors, shes shrewd, powerful and fiercely protective of her family, her business and her many dark secrets. Her brother, JORGE SANCHEZ (Santiago Cabrera) is intelligent and intuitive with a deep inner strengthA Harvard Law grad, Jorge has been working as a successful businessman using legitimate business fronts to launder money and serve as a fixer in his familys organization. The only joy left in his life is his daughter, Violeta, whom he strives to protect above all else. But everything changes when Thony walks into his life, opening old wounds, reminding him of the family he once lost and challenging him to be the person he could be.


The Cleaning Lady continues to examine the plight of undocumented immigrants and their difficulties accessing necessary healthcare and resources. It is a story of empowerment, and resilience and explores the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit. It asks us all if the ends justify the means.


Based on the original Argentine series, The Cleaning Lady is produced by Warner Bros. Television and FOX Entertainment. Miranda Kwok developed the series. Kwok and Jeannine Renshaw serve as showrunners and executive producers of season three.  Rose Marie Vega and Paola Suarez also are executive producers. Shay Mitchell and David Dean Portelli are executive consultants.